Being a parent can be a wonderful, but treacherous rollercoaster.

Here are the areas that the Parent Health Hub can support you in this journey.

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Why choose us?

At the Parent Health Hub we approach things a little differently - we put parents first

This is not a parenting website. Our mission is to support your health, not your parenting technique. Parents parent best when they are at their optimum wellbeing, so by letting us look after you, you will be able to parent the best way that works for your own parenting style and your own unique family.

More about PHH

The Parent Health Hubs aim is to prioritise parents health & wellbeing

Where did the PHH originate from?

What is Occupational Therapy anyway?

A little more about Alice

Is this a Perinatal Occupational Therapy company?

Born from a paediatric perspective

The company was formed from a paediatric perspective, which founder Alice originally specialises in. Despite working towards children's personal goals and development, it was clear that these goals were mostly unattainable without the parents' support and direction. Children’s health and development starts with the parents, so it only makes sense for parents' health to be our starting point. However, with busy lives, priorities and a number of roles to fill, parents' own health at times may not always be at the forefront.

The Parent Health Hub prioritises parents’ health and wellbeing, allowing parents to be able to prioritise everything else that is important to them.

The question that pretty much every Occupational Therapist (also referred to as OT) is asked.

Occupational Therapists work in most areas of health care, to maintain or improve people's physical and mental health. The science behind the profession is that wellbeing is supported if individuals are able to engage in what is meaningful to them, these activities are known as occupations (not just someone’s job role which is confusing, we agree). Occupational Therapists do so through rehabilitation, environmental adaptations and implementing practical strategies.

It helps to think of occupations as how we ‘occupy’ our time. We break down these occupations into broad categories; selfcare, productivity and leisure, and look at how our individual roles, routines and identities are interlinked with these occupations.

The Parent Health Hub applies Occupational Therapy to being a parent and the challenges that parents may experience. Our support and courses are specifically directed to supporting parents' health and wellbeing. Click here to see how we can support you or which of our courses is best for you.

How the birth of her second child also brought along the birth of the Parent Health Hub

Alice has worked in health care for over a decade, in many different areas of health. Following graduation from her MSc, her main specialism and experience was within paediatrics, providing her with the privilege to work with 100’s of families.

Alice has always had a clear awareness that parents' health was vital for children’s development. During her MSc, she conducted research specifically on parental self-efficacy, exploring the strong connection that it has on children’s goals and participation.

While working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Alice covered many areas of assessment and intervention. One area that Occupational Therapists specialise in is sensory regulation work. Alice furthered this specialism in 2018, studying Foundations and Neuroscience with the Sensory Integration Network. The experiences from her career and her knowledge from this has laid the groundwork for her work to help parents manage feelings of overwhelm, frustration, outbursts and dysregulation.

The seed was officially planted for the Parent Health Hub after Alice gave birth to her second child. A few weeks postpartum, Alice sat in her living room and felt as though a whirlwind had been through and completely disheveled her identity, emotions, thought processes, appearance and routine. Said whirlwind had then continued on to crash through the house causing havoc with everyone else living there and everything in sight. It felt like life was unrecognisable again, and this was something Alice did not expect to feel, so lost again in something she had experienced before.

It was in this moment, on the sofa under this second little life changing whirlwind catalyst, that Alice thought she needed an OT. She needed someone who specilaised in roles, identity, environmental changes and regulation.

And there we had it, following the birth of her second child also came the birth of the Parent Health Hub.

As Alice began training as a Perinatal Occupational Therapist, it was clear the work that Perinatal OT’s do is vital.

Within NHS guidelines Perinatal care is offered from conception until the child is 12 months old (the plan is to extend this period to the child’s second birthday as outlined in the NHS’s Long Term Mental Health Implementation Plan)

The Parent Health Hub does provide support to parents throughout this period, however, it is clear that the need to support parents’ health continues to be a priority throughout the entire parenthood journey. From toddlers to teens, neurodevelopmental changes present themselves at all ages in your child’s development, and we are here with you through all of it.

And as our children's reactions and behaviour may cause challenges, what about the challenges parents face in other areas of their lives? One of the main areas we support is returning to work or going through other transitional periods in your life.

Therefore, we do not class this company as Perinatal Occupational Therapy, but more so parental support at any stage of your parenting journey.

Specialist areas

Our unique support focuses on the following areas

Sensory Regulation

Our sensory regulation work supports parents with feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious,…

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Identity Issues

We can help navigate challenges related to transitioning between roles such as returning to the…

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We can support with feeling overwhelmed as a parent and any issues around work/ life or parent/…

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Available Services

Virtual or face to face

Therapeutic Consultations

Transitional support sessions

Online Courses

Face to face courses

Our therapeutic consultations are tailored to your specific needs, developing personal goals, action plans and practical solutions that work for you and your lifestyle. [Please note that our support sessions are not the right therapy pathway to support dealing with trauma or managing a mental health diagnosis. Please visit our sign posting page if you would like to seek additional specialist support in these areas].

These face to face or virtual sessions are perfect for parents returning to the workforce after maternity leave or families that are about to become parents. These sessions aim to empower parents through any transition they may encounter.

We are proud to offer a range of courses that are designed to address different challenges you might encounter as a parent.

Our courses can be held in person by our founder Alice Vincenti. This option also offers the opportunity for us to design something unique if you so wish to your company's specific needs. This opportunity allows you to be able to receive therapeutic advice and feedback. Please contact us directly if this is something you would be interested in via


Have a question? Check our frequently asked questions

Do my children need to be a certain age for me to access your services?

No, the Parent Health Hub is for anyone at any stage of their parenting journey. There are many different turns and twists on a parenting journey, and however these affect you, we are here to support you through them.

Is this a Perinatal care service?

Perinatal care is currently classed as the period of conception to the child’s first birthday (NHS, 2023- - The Parent Health Hub does offer support throughout these periods however is not exclusive to this time frame. Children’s brain development continues right up until their late teens, which may result in different challenges, therefore, we are here for you throughout your entire parenting journey.

Is this just for Mums?

No. The Parent Health Hub is for anyone who identifies as a parent or caregiver, however this looks like to you. Your sex or biological relationship to your children does not prevent any access to our services.

What if this isn’t the right support for me?

We aim to make sure that we provide the best possible support to all the parents that access our services. However, if our support is not what you are looking for please visit our signposting page. We want to make sure that everyone gets the right help that they need.

Our Resources

At the parent health hub we prioritise parents

Identity Course

What makes up our identity and why is it so important

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Sensory Regulation

The hardest part of parenting can be your own reactions.

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Occupational Balance

Becoming a parent impacts every area of your occupational balance

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