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The Parent Health Hub’s aim is to prioritise parents health and wellbeing, making each day more manageable and enjoyable. We provide primarily specialist Occupational Therapy based support to parents through our selection of courses and therapeutic consulatations. The courses are applicable to any parents who are juggling everyday life.

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Supporting you through the parenthood journey

Here are the areas that the Parent Health Hub can support your wellbeing along the way

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Business & Balance at the Parent Health Hub

We believe in empowering parents to excel both in their professional and personal lives

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Sensory Regulation

The hardest part of parenting can be your own reactions.

This course helps us understand how our neurological systems are contributing to this and how we can learn to manage and actually reduce these issues, leading to much smoother calmer days ahead.

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One to One Consultations

Personalised support for each parent.

We offer one to one therapeutic consultations to deliver tailored support to parents. These consultations will be based on your personal goals and ensure the support and tools provided are suited to your lifestyle and current needs.

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Occupational Balance

Has becoming a parent changed your world?

This is the course to support you to make sense of this landslide, and manage it so life feels more like a stroll in the park again.

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Identity Course

Has my child committed identity theft?!

Did becoming a parent make you lose who you are slightly? This course helps us adjust, adapt and manage the identity shift that we all face throughout different stages of parenthood.

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Face to face courses

Let’s address parenting challenges together.

Experience the power of in person support, with our comprehensive face to face courses, as we navigate the journey of parenthood. Discover a wealth of insights, strategies, and support tailored to your needs.

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Why parents love Parent Health Hub

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Jo Guillou

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Alice Unger

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Anna Waters

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Insights & journal

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Alice Vincenti

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20 Jun '23

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Alice Vincenti

7 Min read

Why sensory regulation is so important for parents

Sensory Regulation

20 Jul '23

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Alice Vincenti

5 Min read

The Importance of Happiness for Working Parents: Practical Solutions for Talent Retention

Working Parents

25 Sept '23

Achieved Recognition

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