As a parent do you often lose your cool?

This course helps us understand how our neurological systems are contributing to this and how we can learn to manage and actually reduce these issues, leading to much smoother, calmer days ahead.

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Sensory Regulation

The hardest part of parenting can be your own reactions.

As a parent do you feel you are increasingly frustrated, overwhelmed or experience outbursts? This course digests this and explains why our neurological systems impact these reactions and how we can manage and reduce them.

Course overview

What does your Sensory Regulation Course cover?

1. Introduction to Occupational Therapy and the birth of the Parent Health Hub

The question that most Occupational Therapists get asked… “What even is a OT?” Here we learn what the profession specialises in and how the fit between Occupational Therapy and parents' health align.

2. Introduction to your Sensory Regulation Course

Insight into how this course can make a difference to you and your family.

3. Understanding our Sensory Systems

This section begins to break down what is going on at a neurological level for us constantly without even having awareness of it.

4. Regulation

We need to understand what regulation is before we can address those feelings of overwhelm and frustration.

5. Outbursts and Frustration

This is the module that starts to bring all that you have learnt so far together and help us acknowledge that we are all humans with human behaviours.

6. An introduction to co-regulation

Here we start to learn how we are neurologically connected with others around us. We learn how everyone co-regulates, whatever their age. However, an important part of this module is learning about our children’s neurological development and the impact that can have on us as parents.

6.a The reflection that helps everything make sense

A lightbulb moment awaits…

7. Addressing feelings of guilt

An important part of this course is supporting parents with feelings of guilt. This module zones in on any weight of guilt by explaining our behaviour and reactions as parents in a new light. This module also includes information to help you know that we are not required to be on top form 100% of the time and starts to direct us to what we can do if we do have an off moment.

8. Autonomic Awareness

Here is the point in the course where we start to focus on ourselves, remember this is why you are here.

9. Starting your Sensory Regulation Plan

Let's start formulating your unique personal Sensory Regulation Plan.

10. Regulatory Keys

Learn specific sensory stimuli that we can use to support regulation on a daily basis.

11. Regulatory Activities in the moment

Here are the vital tools we need when we are feeling overwhelmed, high levels of frustration or we are having an outburst.

12. Regulatory Activities out of the moment

This section of the course looks at tools and techniques that we can incorporate easily into our daily lives as a preventative measure for overwhelm, frustration and outbursts.

13. Co-regulation

This powerful module allows us to learn how we can all regulate as a family unit, creating a more harmonious environment for us all.

14. What should we do after we lose our cool?

At this stage in the course, it is important to ensure you have everything you need to continue to support your neurological development.

15. Conclusion

Let's wrap this up and take a moment to digest. You have covered a lot and this commitment to the course is truly admirable as a parent, to take the time to support your own health, wellbeing and development.

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