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Explore the benefits of in person support with our face to face health and wellbeing courses for parents

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Experience the following benefits by attending our face to face courses

Attending our courses in person gives you the chance to engage with our registered professionals in real time, allowing you to seek personalised guidance and support.

And the best part is you get to meet other like minded parents in a comfortable environment. Attendees will not only learn from professionals but also build connections with other parents, fostering a supportive network

Each course is exclusive to a limited number of people, creating a personal safe space to relax in while prioritising your health and wellbeing.

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Jo Guillou

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Anna Waters

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Insights & journal

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20 Jun '23

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Alice Vincenti

7 Min read

Why sensory regulation is so important for parents

Sensory Regulation

20 Jul '23

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Alice Vincenti

5 Min read

The Importance of Happiness for Working Parents: Practical Solutions for Talent Retention

Working Parents

25 Sept '23

Achieved Recognition

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